Welcome to our Virtual Video Library. Here, you will find videos featuring interviews with artists, virtual tours, what happens behind the scenes, notes from the curators, and more. 

How can we help from afar? Through Facetime and Video Chat we can help you find the perfect paintings to create your personal sanctuary in your home. Artwork has the power to heal and bring beauty and joy into our lives. Please enjoy!


Created by Cristina Barton: https://www.creativecapture3d.com/ 

Take a look inside! Virtual Gallery Tour

Join Gallery co-owner Montana Taplinger as she gives a Virtual Gallery Tour of the exhibition, In the Moment, featuring artists like Maria Burtis and Anita Lewis.


View more work from the exhibition here: https://530burnsgallery.com/show/530-burns-gallery-in-the-moment


In the video, Montana also highlights the upcoming exhibition, On the Sunny Side, which will feature artists such as Teresa McCue and Arleen Joseph.

Preview “On the Sunny Side:” 


Virtual Gallery Tour - Hues of Summer

In this video, we explore the exhibition: Hues of Summer 

This video features 

Linda Richichi 

Gary Borse 

 Arleen Joseph

 Anita Lewis 

Out & About with Tyler Butler

In this video, you will learn about the gallery's offerings and variety of both art and jewelry. 

The Jewelry Edit- Zina Sterling Silver

In this video, we share the story behind a very special piece: the Leather and Sterling Silver Baroque Pearl necklace. To inquire about this piece or the whole collection email: info@sedacca.com or call 941-951-0620.

Abstract Exploration: Soothing Texture

In this video, enjoy a peek into our exhibition - Abstract Exploration: Soothing Texture. 

Enjoy work by Bettina Sego, Katie Cassidy and Andrea Dasha Reich.

You will also receive a few practical tips to hang and select art in the home. 

Transform your home: Virtual Gallery Tour

Consider how artwork can transform your space. At 530 Burns Gallery, we represent over 35 different artists and jewelry designers. In this video, we highlight several artists and explore our exceptional art services. 

Discover Curated Interiors SRQ, an interior design consulting service founded by gallery owner Nikki Sedacca. To learn more about this visit: www.curatedinteriorssrq.com

 Featured artists: Tommy May | Steven Anton Rehage | Gary Borse | Custom glass installations | Susan von Gries |

 Thank you for watching. For inquiries, please email info@sedacca.com

Virtual Gallery Tour- 9 Artists Featured 

Each artist has their own unique style and inspiration behind their work. Dive into a selection of 9 of 530 Burns Gallery's artists. As viewers, we also have our own taste. Take note if a few artists stand out to you. Explore more works by each of these artists when you visit their artist page:

 The featured artists include (Click the name to visit their page):

Katie CassidyCarter Wentworth | Bettina Sego | Andrea Dasha Reich | Linda Richichi | Joan Konkel | Arleen Joseph | Anita Lewis | Kathe Fraga

Virtual Gallery Tour- Nature's Essence: Laura Varich

Welcome back to another Virtual Gallery Tour at 530 Burns Gallery. In this video, we bring you work by Florida-based artist Laura Varich. Thank you for your continued support. Please Enjoy!

Virtual Studio Tour- Laura Varich

With the help of our talented artists, we are able to create these experiences for you and hope you are enjoying all the virtual tours!

We are excited to share our first Virtual Studio Tour with Laura Varich. We will launch Nature's Essence: Laura Varich Solo Exhibition this Friday via a Virtual Gallery Tour. Laura's work is uplifting and brings nature into the home. We have found incredible joy through focusing on art, creativity, and beauty.

Please enjoy!

Visit Laura's Artist Page

Virtual Gallery Tour - Kim McAninch Solo Exhibition 

Nikki Sedacca, Montana Taplinger and Molly Lindberg take you on a journey through the Kim McAninch Solo Exhibition. You will learn about Kim's technique, inspiration, details of her paintings and even see snippets of her studio.

As we all spend more time in our homes, it's a great opportunity to think about what walls might need a fresh feel with a new painting. Creating your own personal sanctuary is what this is all about!

To view prices of specific pieces, browse Kim's artist page.

Please enjoy!

Interview with Kim McAninch

In this video, Gallery Owner Nikki Sedacca spends time with local artist Kim McAninch to learn about her newest body of work. 

We are excited to bring you a Virtual Tour of her Solo Exhibition that will debut on Friday, March 27 in leu of an Opening Reception. Stay tuned!

Want to learn more? Read the article in Sarasota Magazine.

Local Artist Spotlight: Colorful Abstract Landscapes

Visit Kim's artist page:


Curator's Choice: Montana | Waves of Spring: Anita Lewis

We are excited to debut the first video in our new series “Curator’s Choice.”

Montana’s selection from Waves of Spring: Anita Lewis is “It’s Spring,” 36 x 36, oil on canvas with metal leaf, $3,900. 

Please enjoy the entire show when you visit Anita’s artist page. 
Turn your home into a personal sanctuary through the power of art!

Curator's Choice: Nikki & Molly | Waves of Spring: Anita Lewis

Welcome to another episode of Curator's Choice by 530 Burns Gallery. In this video, you are hearing from Gallery Owner Nikki Sedacca and Assistant Director Molly Lindberg. 

Nikki's Choice: On the Water, 32 x 32in, Oil on canvas 

Molly's Choice: Cool Elements, 48 x 60in, Oil on canvas with metal leaf 

At the end of the video, view a peek of the paintings in the show. We hope this will give you a little spark of inspiration and cheer. Please enjoy the entire show when you visit Anita’s artist page:

Interview with Anita Lewis

We took a moment to chat with Anita Lewis on inspiration for this show "Waves of Spring" on view at 530 Burns Gallery from March 13 - 25 2020. 

To learn more about this show check out the article in Sarasota Magazine: 

Abstract Art for the Home- Where color and texture collide, this artist finds her voice

Interview on Out and About Southwest Florida

Enjoy learning about who we are and what we have to offer.

ART TALK with Arleen Joseph

Visit Arleen's Artist Page.