Edgartown: Serendipity





“Serendipity.” August 24 -  September 5th

Artists: Carter Wentworth, Joan Konkel, Andrea Dasha Reich

Jewelry feature: Nikki Sedacca


Nikki Sedacca Gallery presents a group show that highlights the gallery’s mission to bring art and jewels to collectors and appréciateurs on Martha’s Vineyard. The exhibition features bold works by Carter Wentworth, Joan Konkel, and Andrea Dasha Reich and art jewelry designs by Nikki Sedacca. Inspiration for this show comes from the idea of being in the right place at the right time. Representing nearly 30 different artists and jewelry designers, Nikki Sedacca Gallery acknowledges the challenge of curating the right works for the right moment with hopes that when people walk in, they feel a connection. Nikki Sedacca Gallery calls out this moment and seeks to connect the feelings and stories behind each work and artist in this show with those of viewers.


As the season began with bold pops of color against crisp white walls, so too will this exhibition push boundaries with bursts of color racing off the gallery walls and into the spirit of the viewer. In a group show like none before at the gallery, paintings dance from inside windows across the gallery walls and sculpture and jewelry twirl from pedestal to table. A mix of media---resin, glass, wire, mesh, oil paint--and an oxymoron of playful seriousness including dashes of whimsy, romantic notions, and ethereal spaces characterize this one-of-a-kind exhibition.


Andrea Dasha Reich was born in Prague to a Holocaust survivor. After living under the constraints and darkness of communism during her childhood, Reich relocated to Jerusalem, whose vibrant streets gave inspiration to the bold pops of color found within her work. Dasha works with layers of brightly colored resin, which she manipulates into wall painting and vessels, each work maintaining a childlike playfulness in the abstract use of color.


Joan Konkel, based in Washington D.C, is best known for her three-dimensional paintings  made from twisting and manipulating finely woven mesh and metal that serve as a support for pigment. Konkel says, “my multilayered work is alive with shifting colors and patterns. Within this realm, optical illusions and physics play with one’s perception and challenge notions of depth.” Crystal Passage transports the viewer into an abstracted reality that changes as the sunlight changes. Though the wall sculpture remains the same, the changes in natural lighting and the position of viewer in relation to the canvas, make different layers, shapes, and textures jump off the wall.

Carter Wentworth is a mixed media artist and working with water based paints, primarily British pigments, and French cotton based papers.  He attributes his early experience of children's tempera paint and crayon to have a strong influence on his designer to create. Wentworth says for him, “painting is a process of discovery. It’s not premeditated, but a reaction to the first mark I make upon the paper. I remain aware of the edges, and the painting becomes an excerpt of a larger imagined space.” Living in Marblehead, Massachusetts and tending to his expansive gardens, Wentworth lets the garden inform is painting and vice versa. His paintings are characterized by the interaction of bold color and organically forming lines, shapes, and shadows. From this, he is able to meld and blur feelings of anger and frustration, or exuberance, peace, and joy.


Nikki Sedacca, designer on Martha’s Vineyard for nearly 30 years, presents her new collection, “Endless Love” Diamond Edition. 18kt gold wire organically twists and turns into sculpture to adorn the body. The Diamond accents add an element of serious sparkle while maintaining the freeform and nature-inspired feel of each piece.


Nikki Sedacca Gallery hopes to show that though the gallery’s brick-and-mortar  space is small, color can enlarge the experience, leaving the viewer enticed and wanting more. For more information on Nikki Sedacca Gallery visit: www.nikkisedaccagallery.com





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