Indigo Dreams

Indigo Dreams is a group exhibition featuring large-scale glass wall installations and bold paintings by top local artist Bettina Sego. The exhibition is inspired by the vivacious colors reflected across the water from the night sky and the newfound positive vision of the New Year. Indigo Dreams will open January 14, 2021 and run through February 9, 2021. The show can be enjoyed during gallery hours.


The gallery is well known for their custom glass installations. Each “Wall Blossom” is one-of-a-kind and comes together to create a work that is unique to the space in which it inhabits. Installations range from three small glass pieces to a 25 piece installation spanning a 12ft wall. The inspiring nature of this glass is that it allows a collaboration between the artist, the gallery, and the collector. 


Bettina Sego is a longtime artist of 530 Burns Gallery. Though she has several different series that she explores, Sego’s work is characterized by vibrant colors and abstract expressions of her themes. She uses mixed media to create dynamic, colorful collages with an inherent sophistication. Her pieces are often finished with a sleek coating of resin which creates an extra reflective surface for the colors to continue to pop off the surface. 





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