The Essence of Florida's Landscape

Gary Borse- Gallery 1 | Linda Richichi- Gallery 2

April 12 - May 12

Opening reception and meet the artist: Friday, April 12 from 6 to 9 PM


530 Burns Gallery is proud to present  two concurrent solo exhibitions inspired by artists who capture the essence of Florida’s rich landscape. Gallery 1 features vibrant acrylic and oil paintings by Gary Borse. Gallery 2 features pastel and oil paintings by Sarasota-based artist Linda Richichi. The exhibition will run from April 12 to May 12 at 530 Burns Gallery. A meet-the artist opening reception for both exhibits is Friday, April 12 from 6 to 9PM. 530 Burns Gallery is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10AM to 10PM. For more information about this exhibit, call 941-951-0620 or visit


Linda Richichi is best known for her vibrantly colored “plein air” pastel and oil paintings with layers of texture from loose brushstrokes. Richichi is a colorist and is not afraid to push the range of her palette ors found within a single scene. Fine Art Today wrote, “oil paint glides from Richichi’s brush to canvas or panel in an energetic and seemingly spontaneous manner, yet the intuitive calculation of each each stroke is unmistakable.” Linda now calls Sarasota home, while taking trips around the United States and Europe to paint.  Linda is a current member of the Oil Painters of America and a signature member of the California Plein Air Painters, NY and International Plein Air Painters.


Gary Borse’s studio and farm are in Fairfield, Florida, where he raises cattle and rides his horses when he is not at the easel. His horses enable him to reach areas of the terrain that remain unchanged by man. Borse pushes colors to the extreme, as bold dots of paint bounce the eye across the canvas. Bright yellow is placed in contrast to aquamarine blue, creating a dynamic and unforgettable opposition. Borse’s work has appeared in museums and is in many collections including the State of Florida Permanent Art Collection. Borse says, “there is underlying warmth and mystery in the landscape of Florida.”


Nestled in Historic Burns Court, 530 Burns Gallery pays homage to the “old Florida” for which Sarasota is known through the presentation of two artists who have excelled in depicting the energy and spirit of the natural landscape that inspired the dynamism of the region around us.





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